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How will you celebrate Interdependence Day?

Lockdown will face a significant easing in England on 4th July 2020, when for the first time in over 3 months restaurants, bars and entertainment facilities will open up to their eagerly awaiting public.

A lot has changed since we enjoyed our last “Cheeky Nandos”, our last bucket of popcorn or a friendly bartender asking ‘what can I get you’? With a redefined description of ‘national hero’, a renewed enthusiasm of the British pastime of queuing – and an overstock of toilet rolls – the world we are about to step back into will look and feel starkly different to the one that we recall from earlier in this year.

It seems quite right that it should feel different too. The UK has suffered the third highest level of Covid-19 related deaths and the pandemic is still a threat at large – it continues to accelerate around the world – and with no vaccine the risk of a second wave of infections is real.

So, with the scenes of Bournemouth beach still etched on our minds, it is essential that we all remain entirely mindful of the risks out there – and to practice impeccable social distancing. We all need the hospitality sector to re-open, but to be able to stay open. The risk of a second wave is that we re-enter lockdown, and this would cause even greater damage to the prospects for young professionals and the larger business world. 

But of course, there is a huge amount to be grateful for when it comes to the easing of restrictions. In fact, given the synonymous relationship between 4th July and a major US event – we intend to celebrate in our own (socially distanced) way! 

From the get-go we have said that we believe connections and relationships are the differentiating factor when it comes to success. And so, we want to share three ways in which you can join  the interdependence day celebrations!

Giving is the new receiving! It stands to reason that in any period of celebration we would all want to give more than we get. We’ve all been checking on an elderly neighbour or collecting groceries for those who are shielding during the most acute period of lockdown. However, it is important not to forget that the new normal will leave many people still needing a helping hand and support. In amongst the enjoyment of going to re-opened venues, be sure to remember what is important. We believe that strong networks exist during the very best of times, the very worst of times, and everything in between.

There is a latte catching up to do! We have all done so well adapting to the endless Zooms and Teams. They have been invaluable, and it has proven that we can do more of it. However, after so many and for such a long period – here is our chance to have those irreplaceable face to face meetings. We know that there really is no substitute for developing real world rapport (or indeed for quality coffee) – so get time scheduled now with people that you really want to catch up with. Indeed, perhaps now is also a great time to meet with people outside of your normal circle – to broaden your network – and to build new and important relationships.

Offer to Mentor. Seek a Mentor. Let us face it, there has been a lot of time for self-reflection and for reconciling how we are going to be different when we get closer to the new-normal. Everyone has something to offer others – whether that be a new perspective, an introduction or personal development and feedback. You can of course use your existing network or ask us to help you and we will connect you with a new connection from within our own network and membership.

Whatever you do to celebrate the next phase in lockdown easing, please be safe and responsible.

Serious Lynx believes that the differentiator is the depth and breadth of a personal network. We are here to help our members make serious connections and to achieve the next step in getting them to where they want to be.

We connect young professionals, boost knowhow as to how to best use connections and carefully curate networks – all with a focus on helping our members to build new relationships and accelerate success. We want to put people together to help them progress and breakdown barriers

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