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Choosing the right Conference to attend.

Are you planning on attending a business conference from the 1st October?

It’s the moment many people have been waiting for – the opportunity to get back out there and recommence the much-awaited conference scene. 

Conferences, Exhibitions and Events (well, good ones) provide huge  opportunities for their delegates  whether it be a chance to see or display new technologies, products or solutions –  to connect with like minded people to solve common challenges – or indeed a chance to hear from inspirational speakers. 

They are also excellent for UK Plc too! The indoor business events space is worth over £32million to the UK economy each year – and as we all know the necessity of an economic kickstart – the reintroduction of these events is a valuable piece in the overall puzzle.

There are however, like everything else, necessary steps being taken to protect participants. Ranging from the outlawing of lanyards and giveaways, as well as any paper handouts, through to the staggering of entering and departing events – October may well mark another return to normality, but the normal will be what we’ve come to call the ‘new normal’.

It is likely however that this situation may break from the idea that if you open the doors, the people will arrive. It is anticipated that society will be much more conscious about what events they are willing to participate in, and will be challenging themselves as to whether the returns from the experience overall will warrant the more arduous experience that they will encounter at the event. 

In this spirit, with people perhaps attending fewer events overall, it is likely that the value people expect from the  events that they do attend are to be greater than before. This is a good thing for presenters too – it’s quite likely that there will be a reduction in nonchalant attendees and an increase in people who are seeking to be particularly engaged in the topic being covered.

This plays very neatly into the perspectives of the team at Serious Lynx – the perspective being that people should engage in a serious way to maximise the return on effort – and to unleash the greatest opportunity for personal growth and success. So we’re advocating to our own network to be deliberate in deciding which events to participate in, to consider what would give the greatest return on the investment of your own time and to consider how to best develop winning connections with those you meet whilst at any of these events.

For our members, ahead of October, we will be launching some key skills content which will enable members to develop the necessary skills required to make the best introductions and to nurture those introductions into winning, mutually beneficial, relationships.  Sign up at to be the first to hear about that content. 

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