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Are you missing an opportunity to connect?

Guest blog written by Charlotte Lafferty, Recruitment professional.

Where are all the young professionals on LinkedIn right now?

I work in recruitment, and have done since leaving University. I have nearly 7,000 connections and firmly believe in the connective power of LinkedIn. Right now, my feed is ablaze with people writing articles or short posts, sharing ideas, new job opportunities, and people asking questions and giving advice. 

But when I review my news feed, barely any of the activities are from young professionals. Where are you all? As the group that comprises the majority of the Serious Lynx population, is LinkedIn a thing of the past? Or is it simply a tool that you haven’t wanted to actively utilise yet ? Do you feel that you’re yet to develop your voice and ‘put it out there’? 

There is so much opportunity out there on LinkedIn – I would strongly recommend that you get involved.

From my second job until now, all of my career moves have been through my network, whether that’s a connection posting or sharing a job for which I have applied or a headhunter actively approaching me – all of that was done via LinkedIn. It has been invaluable to me. I cannot recommend it highly enough for those of you looking to build your personal brand, and ultimately strategically position yourself for your next incredible role. 

From a technology perspective, we are all learning (I am Gen Y so I really am still learning) or already know that social media and social platforms rely on algorithms, key words, user activity and engagement to prioritise where you appear in people’s feeds. These same rules apply to how people engage with you on LinkedIn. So, what can you do to start engaging your network and grow your online brand presence? Here are a few top tips :

  • Get your LinkedIn profile up to date;
  • Connect to and Follow people you admire, if they’re not a public figure always do a brief introduction when you send the reach out to connect e.g. ‘I’d like to extend my professional network and would like to connect with you given our shared interests’ is a good start;
  • If you’re looking for a job remember to use keywords in your profile that correspond to the role that you seek;
  • If you’re nervous about writing your own articles, share great ones that you have read, either news articles on things that interest and made an impact on you: HBR.org and Forbes or your specific industry websites are a great place to start;
  • Ask questions, encourage engagement with your posts. ‘Has anyone used XYZ sales management software, or would anyone in my network recommend one?’;
  • Like and comment on posts from your network who you admire and respect;
  • Use your hashtags;
  • Attach a picture to your post – it always draws attention – we all love a picture to draw us in;
  • It doesn’t always need to be serious – a post about working from home with my cat had the highest engagement since I first created my LinkedIn account!

Feel free to connect with me as you continue to broaden your professional network. You will notice, you get noticed. 

In the meantime I’ll leave you with Dave, the cat:

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