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Serious Lynx - Connecting Young Professionals

We connect young professionals, boost knowhow as to how to best use connections and carefully curate networks – all with a focus on helping our members to build new relationships and accelerate success. We want to put people together to help them progress and breakdown barriers.

We connect people - with a real focus on young professionals.


We don't just put people in a room and tell them to find their own way. We will guide them and make meaningful introductions to people and companies who can help.


We advocate the power that comes with connections. We take every moment to showcase opportunities for our connections - and we take particular pride in celebrating the diversity of the people we put together.


We accelerate results for those people we collaborate with. We deliver when it comes to mastering successful outcomes.


Were you impressed by your onboarding experience?

The onboarding process for new employees has never been more important. Many companies will have an established induction process in place, but have they managed to adapt this to our current WFH situation? New joiners have been starting jobs, never having set foot in the office or met with their manager and colleagues F2F. Given

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Is swearing ever acceptable in the workplace?

A recent LinkedIn News article stated research showing that swearing can have a positive effect on the workplace. Bad language can create ‘closeness, trust and solidarity’ amongst staff, as well as serving to ‘humanise a difficult situation or create empathy’. The caveat to this is such that foul words are obviously not directed at co-workers

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How to deal positively with a gap in your CV.

Traditionally longterm gaps on a CV have been perceived negatively by employers and jobseekers. The expectation is that your early career path is usually one of continuous employment. However COVID-19 has caused so many industries to be disrupted, with millions having lost their jobs, unemployment figures rising and new graduates struggling to find their first

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What to expect from your future work routine.

COVID-19 has forced us to participate in an unprecedented remote working experiment on a global scale. We have experienced worldwide job losses, huge transport infrastructure concerns and a continuing need to install workplace social distancing measures… important considerations for government and businesses launching back-to-work plans. The once indispensable corporate offices are actively being released, a

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